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Here's some stuff that i've get that guitar out and start rockin'!!!


how deep is your love? (take that)

don't speak (no doubt)

charmless man (blur)

make me smile (chicago)

deeply dippy (right said fred)

i don't know why but i do (clarence "frogman" henry)

alabama song (the doors)

ship of fools (the doors)

riders on the storm (the doors)

i do , i do, i do, ido, i do (abba)

lay all your love on me (abba)

could it be magic (barry manilow)

nights on broadway (candi staton)

storybook children (billy vera and judy clay)

young girl (gary puckett and the union gap)

freedom (richie havens)

Minstrel From gault (richie havens)

Multiplication(bobby darin)

high flyin' bird (richie havens)

Modern Love (david bowie)

midnight cruiser (steely dan)

what's going on (marvin gaye)


just a smile (pilot)

lovely lady smile (pilot)

lovely day (bill withers)

January (pilot)

Happier Than The Morning Sun (Stevie Wonder)

Evil (Stevie Wonder)

I'll be adding more stuff in the future so check back in..........

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